Back Strengthening Exercises

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The Swiss ball do's and don'ts

Core stabilisation is very important, all movements initiate from the core. One of the basic rules we firmly believe in is to have a rock solid core for powerfully moving limbs.

So you want to strengthen and exercise you core in this way. The Swiss ball is an excellent tool for doing so. The problem is that its curvature and rolling motions is too often misused in exercises that actually damage the spine while not working the abs efficiently. That is why it is so important to know how to get the best of the Swiss ball.

#1 Bridge T Fall off

This exercise is central to just about everything you can do with a Swiss ball.
Get on the ball and roll up to your neck & shoulders until they are supported by the ball.
Create a nice flat plank with the body and bring your arms out to a T,
Roll from side to side on the ball using your legs to move the ball to the point where you are about to fall off the ball.
No rotational movement of the body: shoulders, torso and hips remain stable and straight.
3 Set of 6- 10 rep

#2 Stability Roll out

Start on your knee and put the palms of your hands flat on the ball,
Roll forward until your arms are stretched, your forearms are now resting on the ball,
Your back is extended and is kept straight,
Roll back to the initial position.
3 Set of 5 rep

#3 Jack knife

Get on your legs on the ball,
Facing forward, your hands flat on the ground,
Roll the ball forward with you legs towards your hand,
Tip of feet is now on the ball, your head down in between your arms while your torso is straight up.
2-3 sets of 5 rep

#4 Stir the pot

Lying down positioning your elbows on a Swiss ball,
Your legs are stretched backwards, you feet wide apart,
Stiffen the back and the lower part of the spine,
Swirl your elbows around in circle.
15- 20 seconds. Repeat 3 times


Curl up or bend along the Swiss ball.
This type of exercise is very hard on the spinal discs. It mimics a fairly potent injury mechanism and it is debatable whether or not it enhances athletism.
Don’t perform any exercise that involves bending the spine.

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